The Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications is the national regulatory authority in the field of electronic communications and postal services which perform the tasks defined by this Law and by the other applicable legislation and applies the policy and national strategies of electronic communication sector, defined by the Ministry.

Authority is a public entity, independent, non-budgetary, legal entity with public authority, which exercises its activity in compliance with legislation in force. Authority in its work and decision-making within its competencies is independent.

Law on Telecommunications adopted by the Assembly and promulgated by UNMIK, Regulation 2003/16,recognizes the need to improve the telecommunications sector of Kosovo, by establishing an independent regulatory agency responsible for licensing and supervising the providers of telecommunications services in Kosovo, encouraging the private sector participation and competition in the provision of services; setting standards for all service providers in Kosovo, and, establishing provisions for consumer protection.

Soon after the adoption of the  Law,  on December 11, 2003, the members of TRA Board were appointed by the Assembly of Kosovo.

TRA officially started operating in January 2004.
During its young development TRA went through some important milestones that represented
a very important step towards a free, competitive market which promotes the development of the information society in Kosova.