Press Release - Implementation of KOSIX

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) with the aim of:

-  implementing the provisions of the Telecommunications Law Nr. 2002/7, changed with the Law Nr. 03/L-085 for the promotion, creation of equal conditions and a favorable environment for a proper competition for all providers of internet services;

-  realization of goals foreseen with the document, Politics of Telecommunication Sector, for creation of common nodes between the Internet Service Providers (ISP);

-  Fulfillment of TRA objective, to follow the principles of protection of the interest of the users of telecommunication services;

has realized successfully the project for; Creation of Exchanging Internet Point (KOSIX), the first of this type in republic of Kosova. In Implementation of this project with high importance for Kosova, except the implementation of the project, TRA has undertaken certain other activities in the aspect of adoption of the secondary regulative legislation, such as emplacement of additional conditions for providers of internet services, decision for creation of exchanging internet point and administrated the public council with all stakeholders.

Furthermore, this project could not be realized without the continuous and precious contribution of the American Agency for International Aid and Development (USAID) provided through their program for Private Enterprises in Kosova (KPEP), Norwegian Government, respectively Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided through Norwegian Embassy in Republic of Kosova, CISCO Systems International BV, and Prishtina University which has provided the adequate space in the facilities of Faculty for Computing and Electrical Engineering.

Implementation of the project, respectively the renovation works, electrical installations and air conditioning has started during the month of October 2010 and were finalized in December 2010, while by the end of March 2011, the fourth (4) main ISP which maintain and operate the international links for providing internet services has realized successfully the joint in the KOSIX infrastructure.

On the dates 18 till 26 April 2011, through the assistance given from the international expert Mr. Nathan Lynch, who was engaged with the support of USAID/KPEP, was enabled the configuration of the equipment and the final testing of functioning of KOSIX.

With the aim of informing the public, it is of a special importance to be stated that TRA has performed a research regarding the traffic between ISP, before activating the KOSIX (baseline research) and after its activating (post baseline research).

The results has shown that after activating  the KOSIX, the speed of exchange between ISP, connected in KOSIX was significantly improved, with the comparative measure up to  12 times.  

Advantages of KOSIX are numerous, and one of the most important is the progression of the security and privacy of communications of internet by keeping the local traffic within national boundaries, and not to leave the Boundaries of Kosova, as it is used to be before entering into the function of the KOSIX. This reduces the risk component that appears when sending the sensible data beyond the national boundaries and through more nodes.

Furthermore KOSIX has other advantages as follows:

- Cost – direct exchange of traffic between the providers of internet services reduces the average of cost per bit;

- Technical quality – direct exchange of the traffic creates a faster and direct route from one local internet location to another, by reducing the delays (latency) and other technical problems;

- Stability/flexibility – KOSIX enables creation of routing agreements between ISP, to reduce the congestion and to provide alternative routes in case of interruption in the main net;

- Market development – KOSIX can promote development of the market of Information Technology services (TIK) and other services (e.g. “hosting, “cached services”, “time sensitive applications”, etc). and services which require wider band and low delays (e.g. services in real time and those of multimedia);

- Services for ISPs – KOSIX will provide services for its members (e.g. traffic reporting);

- Community – KOSIX is a good possibility for development of educational and research projects which helps in the development of local internet community and progress the TIK market.