Postal Services

Postal services and functin of the TRA in Postal Sector

Postal services are considered the services rendered by the service provider (Operator) as the requested by the user (customer) payment of the postal tax, that means: the acceptance, processing, transfer – transportation, distribution and delivery of postal items.

  • Universal postal service provider is tasked to offer domestic and international services, as well as acceptance, transportation and delivery of:

1.    letters up to a weight of two (2) kg and Secogram up to seven (7) kg;
2.    packages – labeled post with a weight up to twenty (20) kg;
3.    draughts services, and
4.    special services concerning the shipments described in sub-paragraph 1, 2 and 3 of this Article.

  • Reserved services are:

1.    accept, transport and delivery of ordinary shipments with a weight up to one (1) kg;
2.    acceptance, transportation and delivery of shipments with court, administrative and
        offender procedure;
3.    production, emission, placing in circulation and the removal from circulation of postage stamps;
4.    setting the post boxes, their emptying and maintenance.

  • Other services:

1.    Express services (Express Mail) domestic and international mail, and
2.    Courier Services.

Postal services in the territory of Kosovo can provide natural and legal persons who are aquipped with a license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) which is authorized to issue and withdraw licenses of postal operators wishing to provide postal services.

Application for license can be obtained any working day at the TRA offices or to download please click here.

Duties of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the field of postal services are laid down in article 6 of Law no. 03/L-173 for postal services and other legal acts issued in pursuance of this law.

Regulator, according to the provisions of this law has competencies and carries out the following tasks:

1.    Establishes the sector that deals with searching and regulation of market of postal services
       in the territory of Republic of Kosovo;
2.    Issues and revokes licenses of postal operators for providing universal services and other
       postal services;
3.    Approves (ratificates) tariffs for universal and the reserved postal services proposed by the Public
       Postal Operator;
4.    Determines the degree of weight –limit, for the reserved postal services;
5.    Determines fees for issuing licenses and annual taxes for the provision of postal services as well as
       deadlines for the execution of payment;
6.    Proposes rules to the Ministry for provision and fulfillment of standards for implementation of postal
7.    Keeps the register of licenses issued with the relevant data;
8.    Monitors the observance of conditions set by the license and in case of violation of the terms of the
       license takes the necessary measures vis-à-vis the postal operators;
9.    Monitors the use of postal services tariffs and proposes legal measures in cases when the mail
       operator imposes or uses tariffs contrary to the measures stipulated by this law;
10.  Monitors developments concerning issues that are related to postal sector and postal services
       market and takes the necessary measures to ensure equality and transparency for competition
       in the postal services market;
11.  Settles disputes between postal operators and costumers with postal operators;
12.  Provides costumers of postal services equal conditions;
13.  Collects necessary information regarding the postal service and publishes them if needed;
14.  Issues the statute and rules of procedure;
15.  Submits to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo the annual work report;
16.  Performs other tasks as well, in accordance with the provisions of this Law and other sub legal acts;

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), according to the Rules of Procedure and other legal acts and sub-issues records and information pertaining to the sector of post on page (Web) and made its official update them as needed.
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), also publishes all decisions issued regarding the postal sector and postal register of licensed operators in the Republic of Kosovo.

Quality standards of performance of the postal service must be within the standards set by EC Directive 97/67, Article 16, Annex, Article 30, section 6 of Law No. 03/L-173 for postal services.
Sanctions and penalties related to violations of various posts in the postal sector are provided for in Article 43 and 44 of Law no. 03/L-173 Postal Service.
Users (consumers) of services and operators, the various complaints and irregularities made during the implementation process of the postal services can provide every working day at the TRA offices or through e-mail address as follows: